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Providing a reliable service so you can regain valuable time.

Identify Issues & Hazards

Deter Criminal Behavior

Prevent Confrontations

Ensure Insurance Coverage

Guarantee Lease Compliance

We help you get back to growing your business!

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

Benjamin Franklin

CTI Services has helped landlords save $Millions in lost rents and property damage.

Let us be your eyes and ears!

CTI prides itself in providing best-in-class tenant inspection services and is the only company of its kind in Canada. Our inspectors are seasoned law enforcement professionals, primarily retired RCMP officers. We focus on asset protection through regular tenant inspections to identify issues, deter criminal activity and guarantee lease compliance.

Your building’s tenant base and demographics are constantly changing. Lease applications and screening services can outline a tenant’s “ability to pay” but fail to capture a history of dangerous behavior or property negligence.

Tenant satisfaction is vital to your business. CTI Services understands the importance of community building and we work diligently to ensure your property and tenants are safe, secure and in accordance with their lease.

If and when required, our thorough understanding of city, municipal and provincial residential tenancy by-laws will arm you with the necessary tools and knowledge required to take swift legal action.

Helping you maximize productivity and profitability!

  • Inspection of Rental Properties
  • Posting of Notices
  • Stress Move-Outs

  • Insurance validation
  • Service of RTB Documentation
  • Tendering evidence at arbitrations

Industry trends and issues affecting the Canadian rental market today:


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A high credit score is indicative of good tenant behaviour.


Tenants can fail to pay rent for up to six months before eviction occurs.


Paying rent on time translates to proper maintenance.


Undetected vandalism can cost tens of thousands of dollars.


Tenants will avoid property damage for fear of legal repercussions.


Majority of good tenants do not renew their lease if crime is apparent in their building.

Client Feedback

  • “Your expertise, guidance and knowledge were a tremendous asset to our office and the landlord, who was vulnerable and unable to take on the danger and challenges the abusive tenants were causing to both him and the neighbourhood.”

    Verna Logan

    Executive Assistant to MLA Gordon Hogg
  • “Your professionalism has effectively cultivated a positive role in assisting with the management of the client-tenant relationship while executing careful informative inspections.”

    Ann Napier

    Property Manager
  • “As a bonus to our home owners, we offer this service to ensure the property is being looked after and the tenants are abiding by the lease requirements as well as municipal and city by-laws.”

    Debbie Dowden

    Property Manager
  • “I was overwhelmed at your handling of a very difficult and somewhat scary situation I found myself in with that ruthless tenant on 17th Avenue. I don’t know what the outcome would have been had you not stepped in to take charge of the situation.”

    Joseph Connolly

  • “We were able to end the tenancy of a tenant with severe hoarding tendencies. After two unsuccessful attempts to end the tenancy through the Residential Tenancy Office’s dispute resolution hearing, we contracted CTI Services to inspect the premises and report on their findings to aid in our evidence submission for our third hearing.”

    Kathy Tuulos

    Property Manager
  • “As a busy realtor in the Lower Mainland of B.C., I educate my clients about the need to conduct regular inspections of their rental properties in order to comply with municipal bylaws as well as to fulfill the “due diligence” requirement of their insurance policy. I recommend that landlords contact CTI Services . All their inspectors are retired policemen. Their aim is to help protect your investments.”

    Sharon Mason

    Realtor, Homelife Benchmark TItus Realty

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